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At The Bridge School, we understand our students have lives outside of school, which is why our goal is to provide a much-needed balance between family, work and education. With our affordable online courses, we make sure that we are accommodating to the needs of our students and encouraging them to learn in ways that fit into their real-world lives. By the time of graduation, our students will have been provided with the resources and networking opportunities to empower them in their future careers.

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Parent’s Perspective

The Bridge School’s Flexibility

Enroll any day of the year. Progress through your courses as quickly or as slowly as you need. Have a project at work that requires all your attention, or caught the flu and can’t get out of bed? You no longer have to worry about missing a day of school, as your education will still be waiting for you when you’re ready. Attend your classes from the comfort of wherever you feel like studying, no travel required. Start learning the right way today.

Rising Stars

Professional ballet dancer Caleb Durbin of The Houston Ballet trusted The Bridge School for his online educational needs while pursuing his passion. Watch Caleb’s video testimonial and see what he had to say!

Parent’s Perspective

Students are not the only ones happy to have a new, flexible schedule. Mrs. Nguyen talks about her teen boys busy schedule and why she is pleased to have chosen The Bridge School.

Middle School

The Bridge School provides a safe online learning environment for 12 to 14 year old middle schoolers all over the world.

High School

The Bridge School provides a self-paced secure online learning experience for college placement and career readiness.


The Bridge School provides on online opportunity to graduate at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

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