3 Reasons To Choose The Bridge School This Holiday Season

For many students, the holiday season involves recovering from semester exams and deciding how best to spend their short vacation. But for middle school and high school students at The Bridge School, the holiday season reminds them just how lucky they are.

Our online approach gives our students the flexibility to complete work at their own pace, the ability to work from anywhere in the world, and the support they need to make the most of their educational experience.

#1. Take Your Exams Anytime

Brick and mortar schools have to schedule major exams prior to the winter holiday break, expecting their students to perform well. In reality, students have vacation on their minds. Some students even rush through exams or miss them completely.

At The Bridge School, we focus on education that’s flexible, time management skills and enabling our students to work smarter. Our students have the ability and often choose to complete assignments weeks ahead of time so they’re able to make the most of their holiday vacation. Our students also have the option to postpone courses until after the holiday season without penalty.

#2. Complete Courses Anywhere

Having to shorten or cancel your holiday vacation because it conflicts with your child’s school schedule is only helpful if you’re visiting your least favorite relatives. For most people, a few extra days away from their busy lives to spend with family and friends is the best gift they could receive during the holiday season.

At The Bridge School, we empower students that not only prefer flexibility, but require it. Whether you’re on a road trip to grandma’s or a cruise to the Bahamas, if you haven’t completed your work already, you’re still able to. Our online school even offers courses that can be downloaded and completed offline.

#3. Have The Tools You Need

Getting help during the holiday season should be easy with all the holiday spirit in the air, but teachers at traditional schools are often preoccupied with finishing up the semester. For students that require just a little extra time to learn and succeed, this extra assistance is often not possible during holiday exams at traditional schools.

At The Bridge School, our talented online facilitators truly care about the educational experience of every student that enrolls with us. Whether it’s right before the holidays or in the middle of a school year, our teachers live to help students succeed.
Enroll today and make your holiday season a little more memorable this year!