4 Ridiculous Myths About Online Education

Traditional brick and mortar schools aren’t the only options. High school and middle school students can now receive the education they deserve online.

The Bridge School is here to debunk online education myths and educate parents, students, and counselors on why we might be the right choice for you.

Myth #1: Online Schools Aren’t Accredited

Truth: The Bridge School has SACS-CASI accreditation and is a Texas Education Agency approved private school.

Students can reach their educational goals because other schools and universities recognize our 200+ core curriculum, elective and AP courses.

Credit transfers from any school are subject to approval, but we’ve never experienced an issue and have experienced counselors that can help facilitate the process.

Myth #2: Students Don’t Receive The Attention They Need

Truth: The Bridge School was created to provide a personalized educational experience to every middle school and high school student no matter what situation they’re in.

Classes are taken online, but there’s someone on the other end to help.

Every student is assigned a certified/highly qualified teacher who will uncover their learning style, understand where they struggle, and implement a teaching method that works for the student.

Myth #3: It’s Difficult To Be A Part-Time Student

Truth: The Bridge School welcomes everyone.

We love when students enroll full-time and are thrilled to help them earn a Bridge School diploma, but we’re also happy to help them earn just a few credits.

In fact, we specialize in credit recovery and helping students get back on track. If only a few credits are needed, enroll in our flexible summer school program!

Myth #4: Online Education Is Expensive

Truth: The Bridge School is an affordable option for students who prefer flexibility. Our student body is as diverse as our course offering and we help families of all different income levels. Take a look!

Regular summer school enrollment period ends on June 30th.

$50 new student enrollment fee and course pricing as follows

  • Original Credit – $325
  • Credit Recovery- $325
  • Credit-By-Exam – $150
  • Advance Placement- $499
  • World Languages – $499

For us it’s not just about educating. It’s about making a difference.

Enroll today and experience a truly better option for your students educational needs.