5 Apps Every Online School Student Should Download

You’re glued to your phone because it’s such a useful tool. Aside from calling, texting, and taking pictures, it gives you access to a library of apps.

Instagram and Snapchat help you connect with friends, Spotify and Pandora let you follow your favorite artists, and Waze will tell you the quickest route. There’s even apps that help online school students increase productivity and earn better grades.

The Bridge School has assembled a list of the top five apps online school students can use to kick up their study sessions and excel this fall semester. Take a look.



This learning tool lets you create and share virtual flashcards, study guides, practice quizzes and more. It’s free to join and is already used by over 10 million students.

Remember The Milk

For online school students with busy lives, this app offers some much-needed organization. Use it to keep track of tasks and deadlines, so assignments don’t fall through the cracks.


Social media can be distracting when you’re trying to study. This app lets you set up a website block list and schedule when you can access them. It’s simple but effective.


Some online school students work better under pressure. This app allows you to set multiple timers for the tasks you have to complete. Race the clock or use it as a Pomodoro timer, 25-minute long work sessions separated by short breaks, to improve productivity.


Capture, nurture, and share your ideas without relying on a physical notebook. The free version of this app includes 60 MB of new uploads per month and allows you to sync across two devices.

When we find useful resources, like these study apps, you count on us to share them, because we want our middle school and high school students to succeed.

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