5 Unique Electives The Bridge School Offers Online

The Bridge School has over 200 courses that include core, AP and Honors courses.

Our online middle and high school has every class you need a few electives you never know you wanted.

Take a look at some of our courses that your current school may not offer and enroll at The Bridge School today!



1. Intro to Social Media

Wouldn’t you love to sharpen your social media skills while earning credit? Intro to Social Media is a course that teaches students the ins and outs of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and shows them how social media can be used for academic and business purposes as well.

2. Criminology

Are you fascinated by shows like Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and CSI?

Criminology looks at possible explanations for crime from psychological, biological and sociological perspectives and investigates how the criminal justice system works.

3. Sports Entertainment and Marketing

Would you like to get an inside look at the life of a sports agent?

Sports Entertainment and Marketing shows how professional athletes, sports teams, and entertainers are marketed as commodities and how the people who handle these deals can become billionaires.

4. Social Problems 1

Are you ready to fight racism, sexism, and classism?

Social Problems 1 highlights the challenges faced by social groups and helps students develop the skills necessary to make a difference in the world.

5. Archaeology

Have you ever searched an area for buried treasure? What would you do if you found something?

Archaeology teaches how artifacts are located, preserved and used to learn about past societies.

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