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6 Things TBS Students Are Doing This Summer

Summer vacation is a break from sitting in a classroom and working at a pace dictated by others. It’s also something every student looks forward to until they hear the words summer school.

At The Bridge School (TBS), summer school isn’t scary because our flexible online learning environment lets students earn the credits need anytime and anywhere. Here are just a few things they’re able to do while enrolled this summer.

Work A Summer Job

A little spending money and a lesson in hard work can do a high schooler good. A traditional school makes it almost impossible to hold a summer job, but TBS allows students to create their schedule around one.

Visit Family Overseas

Family is important, and the summer is usually the best time to visit them. If you’re able to access the internet, we’ll let you take the classes you the need. We also cater to international students if you decide to make your overseas vacation permanent.

Move To A New City

Summer is also the perfect time to move, and TBS makes it even easier. Enroll in the classes you need, complete them at your own pace, and we’ll help you transfer the credits to wherever you’d like.

Participate In Summer Sports/Activities

We have track stars, NASCAR drivers, ballerinas, and actors enrolled in courses at TBS. Our approach and flexibility allows you to chase your dreams while receiving a quality education.

Get Help

Health or behavior issues can make tradition summer school impossible, but through our connections with various organizations, we have the resources our students need to keep their schooling on track.

Collect Credits To Graduate

Our accredited online school offers over 200 core curriculum, elective and AP courses. The flexibility we provide has allowed students from all walks of life to earn a Texas high school diploma.

This is just a glimpse at some of the benefits The Bridge School provides. If you’re interested in enrolling or learning more, Contact an Advisor Today!