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A Look at Our Online Facilitator Training

At The Bridge School, we invest in our faculty just like we invest in our kids. Our Head of School, Ms. Vilts brought the staff together on Saturday, August 8th to help transform great teachers into even better online facilitators. The agenda included topics on delivering individualized education experiences, as well as training on leveraging our online learning management system.

Our Personalized Approach

Online education gives students an individual experience by allowing them work at their own pace. The Bridge School environment does more than that. We find out how each student learns and what they are interested in so we can provide a personalized experience that not only sets students up for academic success but lets them have fun while doing it.

Ms. Vilts discussed in detail teacher to student connection techniques that encourage students to care about assignments and do their best work. For the students that have a harder time focusing, Ms. Vilts showed the benefits of using emails and phone calls to provide needed support. The Bridge School is also working towards getting approval for video conferencing to take online education to the next level.

Who is Behind Student Success?news-online-facilitators-2

Our experienced online teachers are a unique and extraordinary bunch. From a professional actor teaching speech, to a physics teacher certified in special education, we aspire to bring together the best.

In addition to some new faces, The Bridge School’s original history teacher remains on staff. All of them actively participated in Saturday’s training, sharing their knowledge and learning more about the complete spectrum of online learning tools.

Advantages of our Online Learning Management System

We are continuously improving the functionality of our online middle and high school courses. Some recently new functionality includes:

  • downloadable podcasts so students can work without Internet
  • the ability to add an observer so parents or counselors can view but not modify work
  • review games to prepare students for quizzes


news-online-facilitatorsThe Final Point

Our online teachers and administrative staff are here to do more than assign lessons and grade work. We know that each student has different needs, and because we have a strong passion for teaching, we all strive to do much more than the bare minimum.

That’s why we came together on a Saturday to make sure every teacher has the tools to be a wonderful online facilitator.