About The Bridge School

online high schoolSince our founding in 2007, The Bridge School has provided engaging online academic experiences that allow our students to become independent life-long learners in charge of their educational future. We accomplish this through the development of relationships with stakeholders, using innovative online resources, and establishing successful partnerships with organizations that will empower our students to be independent life-long learners.

Our Culture

teenage student giving thumb up while using laptopAt The Bridge School, our online middle school and high school teachers, and administrative staff are here to do more than assign lessons and grade work. We cater to a wide variety of students all over the world and understand that each student is unique. By combining passionate online facilitators with a flexible learning environment, we are able to provide the personalized educational experience that every child deserves.

Our Programs

Student, classroom, internship.The Bridge School’s unique learning environment allows part-time, full-time, credit recovery, and credit by exam students to enroll in our over 200 core curriculum, elective, and AP courses at any time. We also connect with schools to offer special programs that complement and supplement their existing curriculum, and build partnerships with a variety of organizations and non-profit groups.

Our Goal

Studying with ipad on parkWe want to be an accredited online school that students enjoy and are proud to attend. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive, personalized online curriculum that has individual flexibility and encourages students to maximize their academic potential. To achieve these high expectations, we are continually training our online facilitators and discovering new tools and programs that our will help our students succeed.