The Bridge School Online High School


The Bridge School provides middle school and high school students with a flexible online learning environment for full-time, part-time, credit recovery, and credit by exam.

By combining our advanced learning management software with our certified and passionate online facilitators, we are able to provide a personalized online educational experience to every student that joins us.

Our core courses are accepted by the NCAA. Click here for more information about NCAA approved courses. Enter code 443636 in the first open search box.

ACCUPLACER® Preparation

ACT WorkKey® Preparation

Advanced Computer Programming

Advanced Quantitative Reasoning

Advertising and Sales Promotion

African American History

Agribusiness Systems

Agriscience II: Sustaining Human Life

Algebra I

Algebra I Honors

Algebra II

Algebra II Honors

Algebra III

Algebra Readiness

Animal Systems

Anthropology I

Anthropology II

AP Art History

AP Biology (A/B)

AP Calculus BC

AP Chemistry (A/B)

AP English Language

AP English Literature (A/B)

AP Environmental Science (A/B)

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

AP Psychology

AP Spanish Language

AP Statistics (A/B)

AP US Government & Politics

AP US History (A/B)

AP World History (A/B)


Art History

Art I

Art in World Cultures



Biology Honors

Biotechnology: Unlocking Natures’s Secret

Business English

Business Information Management (BIM)

Business Law

Career Explorations

Career Management

Career Preparation

Careers in Allied Health

Careers in Criminal Justice


Chemistry Honors

Civil War

Classic Novels & Author Studies

College Prep English

College Prep Math

COMPASS® Preparation

Computer Applications: Office® 2010

Concepts in Probability and Statistics

Concepts of Engineering and Technology

Consumer Math

Contemporary Health

Coordinate Algebra

Corrections: Policy & Procedure


Counseling & Mental Health Services

Creative Writing


Digital Arts

Digital Arts

Digital Photography I

Digital Photography II

Early Childhood Development & Services

Early Childhood Education

Earth Science


Economics Honors

ELA Foundations

Engineering & Design

Engineering & Innovation

Engineering & Product Development

English Grammar Skills Diagnostic

English I

English I Honors

English II

English II Honors

English III

English III Honors

English IV

English IV Honors

Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business

Environmental Science

Environmental Service Systems

Essentials of Communication

Essentials of Math

Exploring Careers in the Health Sciences

Family & Community Services

Fashion & Interior Design

Financial Math

Food and Beverage Management

Food Products & Processing Systems

Food Safety and Sanitation

Forensic Science I

Forensic Science II

Forensics: Using Science to Solve a Mystery

Foundations of Personal Fitness

French I

French II

French III

French IV

French Language & Culture

Fundamentals of Computer Systems

Fundamentals of Digital Media

Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development

Game Design I

GED Prep History and Geography

GED Prep Language Arts

GED Prep Mathematics

GED Prep Science

General History


Geometry Honors

German I

German II

German III

German IV

Gothic Literature


Great Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation


Health I: Life Management Skills

Health Quest

Health Sciences 1: The Whole Individual

History of the Holocaust

Hospitality and Tourism: Traveling the Globe

Human Geography: Our Global Identity

International Business

Intro to Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Intro to Agriscience

Intro to Coding

Intro to Consumer Services

Intro to Culinary Arts

Intro to Human Growth & Development

Intro to Human Services

Intro to Information Technology

Intro to Information Technology Support and Services

Intro to Law, Public Safety & Corrections

Intro to Manufacturing: Product Design and Innovation

Intro to Military Careers

Intro to Network Systems

Intro to Philosophy

Intro to Renewable Technology

Intro to Social Media

Intro to Women’s Studies: A Personal Journey Through Film

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Systems

Introduction to Online Learning

Introduction to STEM



Language Arts 6

Language Arts 7

Language Arts 8

Latin I

Latin II

Law & Order: Intro to Legal Studies

Law Enforcement Field Services

Legal Services

Literacy & Comprehension I

Literacy & Comprehension II

Literary Genres

Lodging Operations Management

Mandarin (Chinese) I

Mandarin (Chinese) II

Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hospitality

Math 6

Math 7

Math 8

Math of Models

Microsoft® Office®Specialist

Middle School Career Exploration

Middle School Journalism: Tell Your Story

Middle School Photography: Drawing & Light

Middle School Texas History

Middle School World Cultures

Modern World History

Money Matters

Music Appreciation

Music Theory

Mythology & Folklore

Natural Resources Systems

Network System Design

New Applications: Web Developments

Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities and Unlimited Potential

Nutrition and Wellness

Office Applications I

Office Applications II

Online Learning & Digital Citizenship


Peer Counseling

Personal & Family Finance

Personal & Family Living

Personal Care Services

Personal Finance Literacy

Personal Psychology I

Personal Psychology II

Pharmacy Technician


Physical Education

Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Veterinarians and Other Doctors


Physics Honors

Planning Meetings and Special Events

Plant Systems

Power, Structural & Technical Systems

Practical Writing Skills (expository focus)

Practical Writing Skills (persuasive focus)



Principals of Art, A/V Technology and Communications

Principals of Information Technology

Principles of Business and Finance

Principles of Health Science

Principles of Technology & Engineering

Professional Communications

PSAT® Preparation


Public Health: Discovering the Big Picture in Health Care

Public Speaking

Real World Parenting

Restaurant Management

SAT® Preparation

Science & Mathematics in the Real World

Science 6

Science 7

Science 8

Scientific Discovery and Development

Scientific Research

Security & Protective Services

Small Business Entrepreneurship

Social Problems I

Social Problems II

Social Studies 6

Social Studies 7

Social Studies 8

Sociology I

Sociology II

Software Development Tools

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV

Sports Entertainment and Marketing





STARR EOC U.S. History

STARR Math 6 Preparation

STARR Math 7 Preparation

STARR Math 8 Preparation

STARR Reading 6 Preparation

STARR Reading 7 Preparation

STARR Reading 8 Preparation

STARR Science 8 Preparation

STARR Social Studies 8 Preparation

STARR Writing 7 Preparation

STEM & Problem Solving

Strategies for Academic Success

Sustainable Service Management for Hospitality and Tourism

Technology and Business

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Mathematics and Statistics

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Reading

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Writing

The Lord of the Rings: An Exploration of the Films and Its Literary Influences

Theater, Cinema and Film Production

Theatre Arts

Therapeutics: The Art of Restoring and Maintaining Wellness

Transportation and Tours for Travelers


Twentieth Century American History

U.S. Government Honors

U.S. History 1877 Honors

U.S. History: Foundations to Present

U.S. History: Reconstruction to Present

US History

Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals

Vietnam Era

World Geography

World History

World History Studies Honors

World Religions: Exploring Diversity