College and Career Guidance

College and Career Guidance

The Bridge School is committed to providing students with expert guidance to make thoughtful decisions about their futures. Our partners at Bright Futures Consulting provide individualized college and career guidance.


is a boutique educational consulting firm guiding students and families through decisions and actions related to their unique educational and professional journey.


The foundation of the college process is self-discovery. A Bright Futures’ Consultant begins by unveiling and affirming the student’s true interests, needs, and strengths through the Birkman Assessment. This process not only helps the student find a great college fit, but also gives them the self-awareness needed to make excellent decisions for the rest of their life.


The consultant thoughtfully considers each unique student, customizes their college list, and helps them communicate their strengths throughout the application process. They help manage application requirements and deadlines, and walk the student through their decision once admitted.


-Resume Development

-Essay & Application Support

-Course Selection & 4-Year Planning

-Annual Goal Setting

-SAT/ACT Timeline & Advising

-Extracurricular & Summer Guidance

-Choosing a Major

-Customized College List

-Application Strategy

-Interview Preparation

-Financial Positioning

-Campus Visit Advice & Resources

-College Decision Advice

-College Transition Counseling



Over the last 20 years, Bright Futures Consultants have guided over 500 families through the ever-changing college admission process. Their team consists of former admission professionals, educators, counselors, academic advisors, and certified educational planners. For more information, please visit

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