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AP Calculus BC

High School

AP Calculus BC is a two-semester course in which students study functions, limits, derivatives, integrals, and infinite series. This document outlines the topics and subtopics that are covered in each chapter/unit.
Throughout the course, students write and work with functions represented by written descriptions, mathematical rules, graphs and tabular data. Students develop and practice skills using a graphing calculator to solve problems, experiment, interpret results, and support their conclusions. Students learn the meaning of the derivative and apply it to a variety of problems while developing a deeper understanding of the meaning of the solutions to those problems. Students study integrals and learn the relationship between the derivative and the definite integral, using written work and graphing technology to explore and interpret this relationship.
Students discover how calculus is used to model real-world phenomena by using functions, differential equations, integrals, and graphing technology to solve problems, support solutions, and interpret findings. Students communicate mathematics to the teacher through course participation and written work and to peers through a discussion forum monitored by the teacher.
Students communicate about mathematics through written work and discussion forums with peers that are monitored by the teacher. Asynchronous and synchronous discussion activities throughout the course provide multiple opportunities for students to interact with each other and share ideas about math problems and problem-solving strategies. Discussions include opportunities for students to work in small groups where they collaborate on specific assignments. The syllabus outline indicates where these discussions occur and what the topics are.
The teacher hosts and facilitates weekly synchronous sessions with students who are enrolled in this course. In these regularly scheduled sessions, students communicate with each other and with the teacher about course content and assignments. These synchronous sessions allow for timely verbal dialogue about AP Calculus BC content and course assignments. As needed, the teacher guides students through appropriate explanations of assigned problems and solution sets. Helpful guidelines for these sessions are provided to the teacher.
All students enrolled in this course are assigned to a “section” with a qualified teacher who is responsible for ensuring student success and addressing student questions, problems, and concerns. In addition, each student must have a mentor available at their school or at home to support the student and make sure assignments are completed in a timely manner.
The content and reference materials for this course align with College Board frameworks and College Board approved textbooks.