Do You Need Credit Recovery?


Take The Classes You Need Online

The Bridge School offers over 200 High School core curriculum, elective, and AP courses online. Don’t worry. Online doesn’t mean boring. These courses feature video and downloadable podcasts as a way to teach students while keeping them entertained. Whether you need credit for English IV, Spanish III, or something else, The Bridge School offers the most common credit recovery classes 100 percent online.For five reason why ‘going wifi’ beats traditional school, click here.


Work at Your Own Pace

Let’s face it, you’d rather be soaking up the sun than studying for a class you spent the past semester struggling to get through.Our accredited online school gives students the ability to speed through the material they’ve mastered, allowing them to save time by focusing on the information they were unable to grasp.We’ll help you work smarter so you can still enjoy the summer activities you were looking forward to.

Get 1-on-1 Support

In a traditional setting, students are often forced to compete with other classmates for their teacher’s attention. At our online school, however, you have the opportunity to engage the teacher 1-on-1 without the fear of interrupting the flow of material.This 1-on-1 assistance is especially valuable for credit recovery students who may need a little extra help to understand a difficult section thoroughly.  

When you enroll at The Bridge School for a credit recovery class, you’ll be given a highly experienced online teacher to assist you individually throughout the length of the course. This teacher will invest time into learning why you failed the class and will create a plan to help you succeed this time around.Although there are no in-person meetings, we do encourage regular communication via text message, phone call, email, Skype, or FaceTime.

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