Who’s Ready to Enroll Full-Time at an Online School?

Online School

Traditional school is not your only option. For students looking to escape the classroom and experience the benefits of a flexible and personalized learning environment, The Bridge School is a better choice.

Our SACS-CASI Accredited, and Texas Education Agency (TEA) and NCAA Approved Online School provides the quality education every child deserves in a manner that most students love.

We do, however, have a few types of students who enroll with us full-time year after year. If you’re one of the following, contact an advisor to see if The Bridge School might be right for you too.

Student Entrepreneurs

Almost three out of four high school students are interested in starting a business someday. These student entrepreneurs will require a quality education that affords them the opportunity to chase their dreams.

At The Bridge School, students can easily earn a Texas High School Diploma while still putting in the necessary hours to run a thriving business, because we give them the opportunity to complete courses whenever and wherever they choose.

We not only offer over 200 core curriculum, Advanced Placement, and elective courses, but we also offer The CUBE Entrepreneurship Program for those serious about entrepreneurship.

Student Athletes

It’s difficult to be a champion when your afternoons are spent in the classroom and your evenings are spent completing homework. That’s why more student-athletes are trading traditional school for an online education.

The Bridge School helps students put their passion first while still providing an education they can fall back on.

We cater full-time to professional ballet dancers, NASCAR drivers, tennis players and other athletes in individual sports. We also provide part-time education to football players and other team-sport athletes who want to take an NCAA Approved online class before the season starts as a way to lighten their load or graduate early.

To learn more about our options for student-athletes, contact an advisor today.

Students in 6th-12th Grade

Finally, we cater to every student in 6th-12th grade that values flexibility and a personalized learning environment.

Our academic advisors will view your transcripts and graduation requirements and ask you about your interest to help you create the perfect full-time schedule.

After your courses are chosen, you’ll receive a real-life instructor to guide you, ensure you learn the information, and help you stay on track to graduate.

Once you meet our graduation requirements, we’ll present you with a Texas High School Diploma and set you on the right path to achieve your next goal.

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