Is The Bridge School an accredited middle school and high school?
Yes.  The Bridge School is SACS CASI Accredited and approved by the Texas Education Agency through TEPSAC: School # 101-232-001

How does online school work?
In order to take school online, all you need is a laptop or computer and Internet access.  Each student is given a login to his or her courseware, which is on a secure and private server.  Students can take classes when it fits their schedule and aren't held to the rigid schedule of a bricks and mortar school.  Students can start a course any day of the year and take up to 6 months to complete.  We offer both part-time and full-time curriculum options.

Do I have a teacher?
Yes.  The Bridge School hires Certified / Highly Qualified online teachers.  Every student who enrolls in a course will will be assigned a teacher (or teachers depending on the number of courses you are taking). Students can contact their teachers via phone, email, Skype, chat or text messages to ask questions and get support.  While the course material is delivered online with interactive videos, reading assignments, online quizzes and tests, the teachers are there to make sure students get a complete understanding for the material.  We want you to succeed and do well in school!

How many credits do I need to graduate from The Bridge School?
Students must complete 25% of courses with The Bridge School to earn a diploma. Students seeking a diploma who earn less than 25% of course credits with The Bridge School must meet the requirements for an exception which includes mastery of an English and Math exam. Inquire for more details. 

Am I allowed to repeat lessons that I don't understand?
Yes.  The value of online school is that students can re-watch videos, re-read material and re-take assignments until they achieve topic mastery.  The Bridge School and our teachers want you to be successful.  Remember, students have up to 6 months to complete a course.

Are there tools available for parents?  How do I know how my child is performing?
Yes.  The Bridge School offers a secure login for parents/guardians to access the Parent Portal.  There you can check course progress, check grades and also see what your child needs to do in order to complete a course.

Is The Bridge School a full-time school or part-time school?

Full-Time: The Bridge School offers a full-time program in which students enroll in six courses.  Our Academic Advisors will audit your student's transcript to determine which courses they need to enroll in to stay on track for graduation.

Part-Time: Students can also enroll in one, two or a small handful of courses.  It's a flexible course offering designed to meet each student's individual needs.

Regardless of whether you are a full-time or part-time student, you can enroll and start a course any day of the year and take up to 6 months to complete each course.

What are your enrollment periods?
The Bridge School does not have a set enrollment period because we offer open enrollment.  That means students have the flexibility to enroll in and start a course any day of the year.

Do you offer dual credit or AP courses?
Yes.  We have a complete dual credit and AP course selection.

Do you require any special materials for AP courses?
Yes.  Most AP courses require a text book and sometimes a lab kit, depending on the course.  Our Academic Advisor will provide information and pricing after discussing specific course selection.

Do you offer a refresher course for the AP test?
Yes.  As an added bonus for students who have enrolled in an AP course, we provide access to a course refresher prior taking the AP test.  This is designed to help students who completed the course several weeks or months before the AP test re-familiarize themselves with the material.

Do I have to live in Texas to take courses from The Bridge School since that's where the school is located?
No.  Our students can live anywhere in the world.  We have many students in Texas, in other states in the U.S. and also students who live overseas.  Our Academic Advisors will work with schools you've attended in the past to find out what courses you have credit for and what courses you need to take in order to graduate.

Can a middle school student actually get high school credit for the courses at The Bridge School?
Yes, we offer courses that can be taken before a student enters high school (during middle school, or in the summer between middle school and high school) that will count as high school credit.  Our Academic Advisors will work with the counselors at your middle school to ensure the credits are properly applied to your transcript.

Do 8th graders wanting to take courses the summer before starting 9th grade need high school or middle school counselors approval?
In this situation, the student would need to have their middle school counselor sign off on all courses until they are officially enrolled in high school (attended at least one day).

Will my grades automatically be sent to my high school?
No, a student or parent must send a request for a transcript to [email protected].

How long do I have to complete a course?
Our regular courses are scheduled for 24 weeks and our AP courses are 18 weeks. However, many students complete the courses before the allotted time.

How many credits do I need to graduate from The Bridge School?
Depending on the graduation plan you select, you will need to earn 22 or 26 credits to graduate with a minimum of 3 credits earned at The Bridge School.

What should I do if I get a message that my user ID has been disabled?
Send an email to [email protected].

How many days does it take for my transcript to be processed?
It takes up to 24 hours to process a transcript.  However, most are processed the same day.

How do I schedule a Proctored Exam?
Complete the Proctored Exam form.