Why Everyone Loves the Freedom of Online School

Returning from a relaxing Fourth of July weekend filled with cookouts, fireworks, and fun in the sun, you come to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in this country. And one of those freedoms is having the choice to decide where you get your education.

At The Bridge School, we offer online curriculums scheduled around each student, a concept which, in itself, provides some unique freedoms you may not have considered before.

Freedom of Choice

At The Bridge School, you’re free to express your creativity, talents, and strengths by choosing courses that speak to you. While a majority of your course choices will be based on the credits you need, you can also add electives like Sociology, Sports Entertainment & Marketing, and Theater Arts to name a few.

Have a passion for fine arts? The Bridge School also offers Digital Arts, Music Theory and many more creative outlets for those with that creative spark.

Want your transcript to stand out? We have you covered with a range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. With over 200 courses to choose from, you have the freedom to customize your schedule around YOU.

Freedom With Your Time

Your time is valuable, especially during the summer when you would rather be spending that time at the beach or hanging out with your friends. If you need summer school, The Bridge School is the way to go. Why? Because you won’t have to worry about making it to class on time, the course is available whenever you are.

Freedom of Location

Your surroundings also have a significant impact on your ability to learn and why not take your classes in the environment that works best for YOU. At The Bridge School, you have the freedom to take your classes anywhere with an internet connection. Whether that’s hanging poolside, on a blanket at the park, or in the comfort of your own room, the distractions and challenges of a traditional school environment are a thing of the past.

This Independence Day we hope you had time to reflect on just a few of the freedoms we get to take advantage of on a daily basis, but it shouldn’t stop there. Independence and Freedom shouldn’t be something that’s only celebrated once a year. Start planning ahead for your fall and take advantage of Early Enrollment for Fall classes now!

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