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The Holiday Guide to Graduating High School on Time

Two is tough, three is easy, four is common, but graduating high school in five or more years is a nightmare for some.

If your student has fallen behind schedule for whatever reason, don’t worry, the gift of online education is here to help.

Don’t Wait Another Day

Have you heard the phrase ‘the hardest part is the start’?

Well, when it comes to education, The Bridge School thinks starting should be the easiest part. We aren’t going to suggest waiting until summer to recover courses or make you jump through hoops to speak with an advisor.

In fact, we help students enroll in any of our 200+ core, elective, and AP courses as soon as possible and give them all of the resources they need to succeed.

 Enroll in Multiple Courses

Algebra 1 may have been the only setback, but when you find a better option for challenging courses, shouldn’t you capitalize on it?

Students can work at any time and from anywhere. This flexibility makes it possible for them to take multiple classes even if they’re still enrolled in a traditional school.

The more credits they earn, the better chance they have of graduating high school on time or even ahead of schedule.

Tell Everyone You Know

Sharing information about The Bridge School won’t help your student graduate, but it will help other parents in your shoes. And your child will certainly love taking online courses with their friends.

Tell them how The Bridge School provides:

  • A personalized and accredited education
  • Zero standardized testing
  • No classrooms to sit in or schedules to follow
  • Real-life teachers and downloadable podcasts to assist learning
  • The ability to quickly earn a Texas High School Diploma


No one wants their child to spend the holiday season stressing about graduating high school on time. Fix the season with the flexibility our online school provides.

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