How To Graduate High School Early

You can easily graduate high school in three years. And you don’t have to spend your summers or weekends in a classroom. All you need is a personalized educational experience from The Bridge School. We’ll take a look at the credits you need and create a plan that fits your lifestyle while providing you with all the benefits of our accredited online school.

Take Extra Classes From Home

Taking a full load at The Bridge School is perfect for those students who require complete flexibility. However, we understand that some students are involved in extracurricular activities at their local high school and can’t commit to a full load.

At The Bridge School, we welcome students regardless of how many classes they’re taking with us. For students committed to staying at their local high school, it’s easy to add a government, economics, or any of the 200+ courses we offer to your current schedule allowing you to complete more classes during the year.

Finish Classes Faster

Another benefit of The Bridge School is that you can work at your own paces. Nothing is stopping you from completing a class that requires a whole year at your local school in only a few months with us, if you know the material.

If you’re struggling, our certified online facilitators are eager to help you understand the material and get you back on track. Every student that enrolls with us gains access to a personalized educational experience that helps them reach their academic goals. That’s because our flexibility enables every class to be taught in a manner that works for you.

Get Into The Classes You Need

Have you ever been in a situation where you only need a few classes to graduate but those classes are full?

At The Bridge School, not only do our courses allow for large enrollment, but you’re able to start them at any time throughout the year.

Enroll today and graduate high school early!