3 Reasons Students Love Online Summer School at TBS

Having to take summer school is often seen as a hassle. Regardless of whether students are taking classes to catch up or get ahead, making summer plans around a traditional school’s inflexible schedule comes with a lot of inconveniences.

Thankfully, those in 6-12th grade now have a better option for earning credits outside of the regular school year.

Want to know more? Keep reading to see how our accredited online school will give you back your summer.

There’s No Classroom


The worst part about traditional summer school is being forced to sit in a classroom while your peers enjoy their time off. And waking up early to do it is just rubbing salt in the wound.

At The Bridge School, there are no classrooms or even set schedules. Our students sleep in and log into their courses when it’s the most convenient for them.

This year’s summer school program runs from June 1 through September 29. Students can start any courses within these dates and have up to nine weeks to complete them.

All of our core classes are NCAA Approved, so student-athletes can maintain their training schedules and experience the benefits as well.

The Courses You Need are Available and Entertaining


We have over 200 core curriculum, elective, and AP courses being offered this summer.

If you’re familiar with online courses, you may be worried about the content. No one wants to sit in front of a laptop watching a video that was filmed decades ago.

At The Bridge School, our courses are designed for on-the-go Middle School and High School students with downloadable podcasts that are perfect for your upcoming summer trips. While they won’t be as awesome as your favorite Netflix shows, they are entertaining and easy to speed through for those motivated self-starters!

If you have any difficulty with the material, however, just contact your assigned teacher or ask questions when they check in on you via Skype, Text, FaceTime, email, or even by phone.

So what are you waiting for?

You Can Enroll Today!


If you’re ready to jump-start your education this summer, The Bridge School is here to help.

Early enrollment ends May 15, and regular enrollment ends June 30.

Pricing as follows:

  • $100 new student enrollment fee (waived if registered by May 15)
  • $500 for select whole-credit elective courses
  • $325 for half-credit regular courses (usually priced at $350)

Contact an Advisor to get started.