Meet Head of School, Staci Vilts

Summer will be over soon and so will begin the start of another school year. And this school year will be special because we’ll be starting with a new addition. It’s our pleasure to introduce The Bridge School’s newest Head of School, Ms. Staci Vilts.

With all the growth this year, we wanted to bring in a highly qualified and enthusiastic Head of School to lead this wonderful school into the future.

So Who is Head of School Vilts?

When it comes to kids, Ms. Vilts is an expert. She has six of her own in every stage of educational development from elementary to post-college. So you might say she’s an expert!

In addition to raising her own little army, Ms. Vilts is an army veteran that has taught formally since 2007. Her past years were spent educating students of all ages in the United States and abroad.

While some teachers master the public school environment, Ms. Vilts experience in a magnitude of learning environments has allowed her to refine the qualities that work. Her time in charter schools, public schools, private special education schools and Department of Defense schools is enabling her to transition easily into her new role as the Head of School at The Bridge School.

What’s ahead?

At the end of the day, school is about the students, but the pathway to students success is often through quality teachers. Head of School, Ms. Vilts knows that by having the best staff we can provide every child with the education they deserve.

“My goal as Head of School is to make sure every teacher is an excellent online facilitator so we are providing the best, equitable and fair education to every student that enrolls with us and nobody leaves here with a mediocre experience,” says Vilts.

While it may seem like a lofty goal to try to please everyone it’s not a wild dream for Ms. Vilts. She has continually proved herself around the world and knows not only what it takes to reach her goals but The Bridge School’s goals as well.

“I want everyone to be excellent. I have high expectations for our facilitators. I’m going to develop them into great online facilitators. I can’t have an expectation for you without helping you get there. I’m going to set you up for success by providing the resources and skills needed to reach the expectation.” says Vilts.

The Bridge School, founded in 2007, is a private online middle and high school offering more than 200 courses. The school is Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI)  and approved by the Texas Education Agency through TEPSAC: School # 101-232-001.