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TBS Becomes an NCAA Approved Online High School

Are you a High School athlete interested in taking online courses but aren’t sure how they would affect your NCAA eligibility?

Don’t worry!

The Bridge School is now an NCAA Approved Online High School for Math, Science, English and Social Studies.

How NCAA Approval Works

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has strict education requirements and will only recognize online courses approved by its High School Review Committee.

For an online course to be approved it must:

  • Prepare students for academic work at a four-year college.
  • Be comparable in difficulty to courses taught in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Include individual instruction and teacher assistance via email, text, Skype or other methods throughout the length of the course.
  • Have a set time limit for completion.
  • Be identified as nontraditional on student’s’ official high school transcript.


The Bridge School courses not only meet these requirements but also gives students the freedom and flexibility to balance being an athlete and a scholar.

What High School Athletes Love About TBS

Traditional schools force students to spend the majority of their day in a classroom advancing at the pace of their peers. It doesn’t matter if you’re worn out from a difficult practice or distracted because you have an important game coming up. You have to do most of your work in the classroom.

At The Bridge School, we let students complete assignments when and where they work best. Our friendly online facilitators are always available to provide assistance, but there’s no classroom to sit in or schedule to follow.

Another thing students love about our online school is that we don’t force them to take the STAAR or any other standardized tests. We gauge comprehension throughout the course using quizzes and exams students can take whenever they feel comfortable with the material.

As a SACS – CASI Accredited and TEA and NCAA Approved Online High School, you can rest assured knowing the credits earned here will count towards college requirements.

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