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online school February 21, 2017

How Online School Prepares Students For Success

You don’t have to attend the school you’re zoned to, sit in a classroom Monday through Friday, or move at the pace of your peers. Gain control of your Middle or High School education while developing the skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur, college student, service member, or whatever dream you may have by…

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non-traditional education TBS February 7, 2017

Non-Traditional Education Provides Value to Young Entrepreneurs

Middle and High School students with an entrepreneurial mindset have discovered that traditional school is no longer the best option for their education. Non-traditional students are now choosing to invest in a non-traditional education, like The Bridge School, because they can earn a Texas High School diploma in a way that works best for them….

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online private school January 25, 2017

Online Private School Gives Students a Break and a Head Start

Spring break is quickly approaching. For students enrolled in a traditional school, this is one of the best times of the year because they receive a full week of flexibility. For those who believe a week away from the classroom isn’t long enough but still want to graduate on time or even ahead of schedule,…

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tbs-electives January 10, 2017

7 Unique Electives Offered in Online School

Core classes teach you the basics, AP courses prepare you for college and electives help you expand your interests. With over 200 core, AP, and electives courses for middle and high school students, our online school has every class you need and a few you never knew you wanted. Take a look at some of…

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tbs-diploma December 21, 2016

The Holiday Guide to Graduating High School on Time

Two is tough, three is easy, four is common, but graduating high school in five or more years is a nightmare for some. If your student has fallen behind schedule for whatever reason, don’t worry, the gift of online education is here to help. Don’t Wait Another Day Have you heard the phrase ‘the hardest…

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