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image007 October 17, 2017

How does online school benefit children with behavioral or emotional disorders?

"Teens may often feel that too many things in their lives are out of their control, or that they are at the mercy of too many adults in their lives. I will often use a solution-focused approach in counseling to help them determine the areas in their lives over which they still have control, then…

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Question Mark on a Keyboard June 7, 2017

Who’s Ready to Enroll Full-Time at an Online School?

Online School Traditional school is not your only option. For students looking to escape the classroom and experience the benefits of a flexible and personalized learning environment, The Bridge School is a better choice. Our SACS-CASI Accredited, and Texas Education Agency (TEA) and NCAA Approved Online School provides the quality education every child deserves in…

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Youth Going to School Online May 25, 2017

How to Jumpstart Your Online Summer School Experience

Online summer school is no longer limited to those who failed a course. Students are enrolling in online summer school to boost their GPA, graduate early, or expand their knowledge in an area of interest. At The Bridge School, we welcome whatever reason you have for enrolling and will always provide the personalized educational experience…

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Summer 2017 Written in the Sand May 9, 2017

3 Reasons Students Love Online Summer School at TBS

Having to take summer school is often seen as a hassle. Regardless of whether students are taking classes to catch up or get ahead, making summer plans around a traditional school’s inflexible schedule comes with a lot of inconveniences. Thankfully, those in 6-12th grade now have a better option for earning credits outside of the…

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Success in Online School April 5, 2017

A Better Option For Credit Recovery

Are you one of the many High School students struggling to earn a passing grade for one or more of the classes you need to graduate? Rather than settling for credit recovery over the summer or the following year, take a minute to learn about credit recovery at The Bridge School. Our accredited online school…

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