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NCAA Eligibility GFX January 19, 2018


Do you have the new fact sheets for Division I & Division II? The updates include SAT/ACT sliding scale. Click on the links to access the new information. DI Academic Requirements DII Academic Requirements

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College Sports300 January 10, 2018


Are you an athlete? Want to play college sports?   Read more for the link to the NCAA Eligibility Guide for 2017-18. See if you qualify. TBS has the courses you need for college sports!    NCAA Initial Eligibility Presentation 2017_18    

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Online high school graduation December 4, 2017

How can I graduate early from High School?

  Graduating early can give a student a very significant head start in life. Whether trying to get ahead of your peers in college or jump right into the work force, TBS allows you work at your own pace in your own learning setting. Work at a library, coffee shop, or in the comfort of your own home….

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Question Mark on a Keyboard June 7, 2017

Who’s Ready to Enroll Full-Time at an Online School?

Online School Traditional school is not your only option. For students looking to escape the classroom and experience the benefits of a flexible and personalized learning environment, The Bridge School is a better choice. Our SACS-CASI Accredited, and Texas Education Agency (TEA) and NCAA Approved Online School provides the quality education every child deserves in…

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Youth Going to School Online May 25, 2017

How to Jumpstart Your Online Summer School Experience

Online summer school is no longer limited to those who failed a course. Students are enrolling in online summer school to boost their GPA, graduate early, or expand their knowledge in an area of interest. At The Bridge School, we welcome whatever reason you have for enrolling and will always provide the personalized educational experience…

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