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Graduation Cartoon Image October 12, 2012

Online High School vs. Traditional School

One of our challenges at The Bridge School is helping people understand how online high school works.  Most people’s only point of comparison is traditional (bricks and mortar) public or private schools.  It’s difficult to shift your mind to a different type of educational delivery format and believe that the education and curriculum could be…

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High School Electives Chalk Board September 24, 2012

Taking Chemistry Online at The Bridge School

Do you ever wonder what it’s like taking Chemistry online?  How do you complete your lessons?  How do you work on labs? Watch this video, which was done 100% by some of our part-time students who attend school full-time at Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas.  These students are members of the Business Professionals of…

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Students Leaning at Home with Parents August 9, 2012

Parents Love Online High School at The Bridge School

We recently had the opportunity to talk to Tim Self, whose son Austin Self is a full-time student at The Bridge School.  At age 16, Austin is a professional NASCAR driver and races nearly 30 weekends per year.  Because the race schedule demands so much travel, Austin was missing a lot of days of school…

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High School for the Mixed Martial Arts August 6, 2012

High School for the Mixed Martial Arts Holds Grand Opening Event

Our partner, High School for the Mixed Martial Arts, will be hosting a reception on Saturday, August 11th to introduce their program to the Houston community.  Everyone is invited out for a tour of the campus and chance to meet the staff.  In addition, guest coaches Yves Edwards and Andrew Craig will be there to…

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Math Online Explanation July 27, 2012

Taking a High School Math Course Online

Online courses are very convenient for people who are tied to a job or other scheduled responsibilities. Fortunately, high school students can make things easier by taking a high school math course online. They can do this from the comfort of their laptops wherever they are and still have access to all the necessary resources….

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