Non-Traditional Education Provides Value to Young Entrepreneurs

Middle and High School students with an entrepreneurial mindset have discovered that traditional school is no longer the best option for their education.

Non-traditional students are now choosing to invest in a non-traditional education, like The Bridge School, because they can earn a Texas High School diploma in a way that works best for them.

Brick and Mortar Schools are Bad for Business

While traditional schools might be the right choice for some students, those who are serious about becoming successful entrepreneurs cannot afford to spend the majority of their time sitting in a classroom.

Running a successful business requires extreme flexibility.

Young entrepreneurs need the option to take classes from anywhere in the world, the freedom to create a custom class schedule, and the ability to work at a comfortable pace. Traditional schools cannot meet these needs, so the answer to switch to non-traditional education just makes sense.

The Bridge School is Flexible by Design

Since 2007, our SACS & CASI Accredited and Texas Education Agency approved online school has helped students become independent lifelong learners with the skills necessary to establish and maintain a successful business.

At The Bridge School, we give students the freedom to manage their own time and the resources to develop a strong work ethic. Our courses include downloadable podcasts and other interactive material they can take up to 6 months to complete.

To ensure our students receive the best non-traditional education possible, we employ certified online facilitators eager to review material and provide assistance via email, text, Skype, FaceTime or phone calls.

Simply put, the Bridge School gives you control of your education and makes it easy to succeed.

Enroll Today and Start Collecting Credits

Our unique learning environment allows part-time, full-time, credit recovery, and credit by exam students to enroll in our over 200 core curriculum, elective, and AP courses at any time.

We recommend enrolling full-time, taking our Small Business Entrepreneurship course, and asking one of our advisors about the YPD Cube, an instructional video course geared towards entrepreneurs.

If you want a valuable and personalized education that enables you to reach your dreams, Contact an Advisor Today!