Online Accredited Middle and High School Educational Solutions

Traditional school is not a fit for every Middle and High School Student.  Issues like bullying, health issues, recovery, and even difficulty learning from a specific teacher can make it difficult for students to learn the information they need to complete a course – and therefore graduate from high school.

Some students want to graduate early or earn Advanced Placement (AP) credits.

Some students are child actors, tennis players, golfers or professional drivers, and are pursuing a career that requires travel and causes them to miss too many days in a traditional school.

TheBridgeSchool.NET offers various solutions for students who for one reason or another, just need another option.

Part-Time Student Solution

One of our part-time students, who is in 12th grade, needed to earn a credit in Earth & Space Science in order to graduate.  Unfortunately, the student and teacher at her traditional public school had a personality conflict that made it difficult for her to learn the material.  The flexible schedule, TEPSAC accreditation and ability to enroll as a part-time student enabled this student to complete the Earth & Space Science course at  She stayed in her regular school for all other courses and graduated on time.

Some parents would elect to pay for tutor and encourage their student to just “push through” with the difficult teacher.  However, this parent found a solution that provided accredited online curriculum, and a state-certified teacher.  And, it’s very likely the parent paid less for TheBridgeSchool.NET solution than they would have paid for private tutoring.

Full-Time Student Solution

One of our full-time students attended a private high school and would come home with several hours of homework every night.  She would attend school all day, and then spend her evening doing nothing but homework.  Her mother and her aunt (who was a state-certified teacher) were also spending several evenings each week helping her with homework and re-teaching the material.  The situation just wasn’t working.  But, her mom still wanted a high quality education for her daughter. was able to design a well-rounded curriculum, including several interesting course elective options that took the pressure off the student, the mom and the aunt.  The student could repeat lessons as many times as she needed.

Ability to Create a Custom Solution for any Student

Once students and parents explain their needs, our Advisors create a customized curriculum solution.  With access to over 200 accredited courses, including math, science, social studies, AP/dual credit, speech, technology, foreign languages and 40+ elective courses, our Academic Advisors can create a part-time or full-time course plan that creates the perfect path to high school graduation.

Specific solutions include:

–       Full-time course schedule (based on what that student has already received credit for)

–       Part-time (catching up or getting ahead):

  • Credit recovery
  • Credit by exam
  • Dual credit, AP
  • Elective courses

Some benefits of an online middle and high school:

–       Start a course any day with flexible/open enrollment

–       Move at your own pace and take up to 6 months to complete a course

–       Select courses to augment school-based curriculum

–       State certified teachers

–       100% teacher supported courses