Online School For Ballet Dancers Looking to Improve

Want to make a name for yourself as a dancer or performance artist, but don’t want to drop out of high school to do it? Listen carefully.

The secret to being a world-class performer while still furthering your education is enrolling in an online school that knows you need the freedom and flexibility to pursue your dreams. And no place does online school better than The Bridge School.

Footwork Not Busy Work  

Between traveling to and from school, sitting in a classroom for hours, and then adding homework to the mix, how do they expect you to fit in rehearsals and competitions?

You need an online school that values your time.

Enrolling in an online school that understands your demanding schedule, helps you personalize your education, and lets you complete courses at your pace.

Houston Ballet Approved

You value quality. So why choose a diploma mill, computer program, or an overseas school to provide a quality education? If they aren’t accredited and don’t have a track record of graduating students in your ‘dance shoes’ – you need another option.

You deserve an SACS-CASI accredited online school, like The Bridge School, who’s trusted by The Houston Ballet and other student-athlete organizations to help their middle school and high school performers work towards an approved Texas High School Diploma.

No Enrollment Twists and Turns

If you’re ready for lights, camera, diploma, then our online school for ballet dancers will make it easy.

The Bridge School lets students enroll at any time and will even help request transcripts from your home school to see which credits you need.

We will then create a tailored plan for helping you earn those credits that allows you to take up to 6 months per course so that you can balance dance and education.

Let’s talk about your future. Contact The Bridge School Today!