An Online School With Real-Life Teachers Who Build Connections

Online school provides freedom and flexibility, but some parents are hung up on the lack of face-time and believe it’s just a computer program teaching their child.

We’re here to dispel the myth and show you how The Bridge School teachers, yes, actual certified teachers, get to know your child’s personality, connect with them via email, text, or phone calls and go the extra mile to help them reach their academic goals.

It Starts With An E-Color Assessment

The E-Color Assessment is a short survey we encourage every 6th-12th-grade student to complete before they begin their first course. It gives us an idea of your child’s personality, so our teachers can determine the best way to communicate with and teach each student.

If you’re interested in learning more about the E-Color Assessment or would like to take it yourself, click here.

Is Supported By Weekly Interactions

Our online courses give students the freedom to work at their own pace, but they’re still led by a certified teacher.

This teacher will work around your child’s busy schedule to find a time each week to discuss the course, provide feedback and answer any questions they have. Teachers also have virtual office hours if extra help is needed.

And Doesn’t End Until Your Child Reaches Their Goal

When you enroll your child as a full-time student at TBS, they don’t become another username in the system. We’re an accredited middle and high school with a real staff that makes a personal connection with each student and guides them along their journey to graduation.

If you’re ready to connect with one of the people dedicated to helping your child succeed.

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