Online Summer School 2013

TheBridgeSchool.NET is pleased to announce their online summer school 2013 course offering.

“The 2012 program was a huge success!  We had more than a hundred middle school and high school students both in and out of Texas register and successfully complete their course,” says Sharon Scott, Director of School Services.  “Some students were even able to enroll in follow-up courses that helped them earn a complete credit over the summer session.”

Kids today have so much to juggle.  They have to balance school, extracurricular activities, clubs, summer camps and jobs.  Finding the time to excel at all of those things and maintain a social life is very challenging.

In addition, colleges and universities are raising their standards every year.  Students have to find ways to stand out and differentiate themselves from the rest of the kids competing for acceptance.

Summer school is the perfect opportunity for students to get ahead…and even catch up.

What our Parents Have to Say



“The Bridge School has a distinct advantage over other summer school programs in that we offer flexibility.  We do not require students to come into a building during certain hours of the day and abide by a set schedule.  Our courses are is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so students can log in when it fits their schedule.  And our teachers make themselves available via email, text and Skype to answer questions and make sure their students are learning what they need to in order to earn course credit,” says Scott.

The Bridge School also offers a secure Parent Portal so that parents and guardians can monitor their student’s progress and grades in real-time.

“Since there is no minimum or maximum class size, students do not have to worry about registering for a course and then finding out later that it won’t be offered.  That doesn’t happen because we are online and have more flexibility than a brick and mortar school that has to find classroom space and hire a teacher.  The Internet is our classroom and we have certified teachers for all course areas,” says Scott.

What Our Summer School Students Have to Say

The Bridge School was a wonderful, very simple, easy experience for me, the instructor was very helpful.  It made my experience that much more enjoyable.
My experience was pretty good overall – my teacher and mentor were both very helpful.

With more than 100 courses in the 2013 summer school session such as English, all Sciences, all Math courses, Social Studies & History, AP and Dual Credit and major Electives, The Bridge School is a great choice for students who require that flexibility in their schedule.