Online Teacher Profile – Tywanna Glapion

Mrs. Glapion has been with The Bridge School for 3 years where she teaches a variety of history courses ranging from: World History, World Geography, Economics, Government and US History for grades 8-12. Before joining The Bridge School she worked with the Houston Independent School District for 31 years, teaching 15 of those years. Another fun fact about Mrs. Glapion is that 5 of those years she spent teaching students via the HISD virtual school program. It’s almost like she was destined to join The Bridge School team! In fact, she says that both HISD Virtual School and The Bridge School are similar in the way they work.

When asked what was the single most important part about working at The Bridge School, Mrs. Glapion was quick to answer with, “Being able to work with the students in an online environment. I am able to spend more one-on-one time with each of them this way. I am also able to work with them at any hour. Sometime I log on late at night, and there are students logged on as well. We are able to IM (instant message) each other and work out any problems they may be having.”.

She also stated that students feel more comfortable while taking courses in an online environment and are often able to express themselves in terms of their own experiences without fear of being judged. “Some of the responses that I have received from my students really give me the opportunity to encourage them in what they are doing. When I get responses back from students, the answers are more meaningful, and not just things students say to get a good grade.”

Most kids communicate via text, mobile phones or computers and are more comfortable that way, so why not learn that way too? It’s like having your own personal classroom and teacher in your pocket.