How to Prepare Your Child for Full-Time Online Schooling

More parents than ever are enrolling their children in full-time online school. We even created The Parents Guide to Online Education to answer some commonly asked questions.

Early enrollment has begun, and we’d like to provide additional information to help ease the transition from a highly structured traditional school to a flexible and personalized online 6-12 grade learning experience.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

The flexibility of online school is a blessing to some, but can be a curse to others. There aren’t bells to help break up the day, and it’s easy to get off task.

By working with your child to create a personalized schedule at the beginning of the semester, you can instill accountability and set them up for success. The schedule can be as simple as science in the morning, math after lunch, and history before bed, or can be as detailed as you’d like.

Our certified online teachers will help your child learn the information and make sure they’re completing assignments in a timely manner, but your involvement in creating a schedule and making sure they follow it will help them get better grades.

Seriously, Time Management is Important

Managing time is a key to success long after high school. If they’re able to stay focused and follow a schedule, it’s even possible to complete entire courses in just a few weeks.

Keep Them Social

Being a full-time online school student doesn’t mean your child can’t also be a social butterfly. In fact, the flexibility of online school gives them even more time to participate in clubs, join teams, and be active in the community.

The Bridge School lets parents enroll their child full-time at any time. Instead of waiting until the school semester starts, your child can get ahead and enjoy the freedom of online school.

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