Robert Scott Joins The Bridge School Advisory Board

Well-known national leader in K-12 education, Robert Scott, recently joined The Bridge School Advisory Board.

Currently serving as a Principal at the Texas Star Alliance, Mr. Scott has also served as the Texas Commissioner of Education. In that role, he served as the head of the Texas Education Agency.

“We are fortunate to have somebody with Robert’s experience and stature actively involved on our advisory board. He has given us valuable advice about the things we can do as a private online school to provide added value to traditional schools, parents and students where we can help complement their staff and capabilities,” says Dr. Spyros Catechis, Founder and CEO of The Bridge School.

“As hybrid learning environments continue to evolve, I believe it will become increasingly important for online schools to form relationships with traditional schools. They have the flexibility and administrative capabilities to work together with public middle and high schools to ensure all students get the resources needed to graduate,” says Robert Scott.

“The Bridge School has it figured out. They have the proper accreditation, the experience, and most importantly the passion for helping students achieve their educational goals.”

About The Bridge School

The Bridge School, founded in 2007, provides a flexible curriculum alternative enabled by online class delivery. The mission of The Bridge School is to enable students to become self-motivated, independent learners who are in charge of their educational future. We know that each person learns differently and we embrace those students who need another option for their high school education.