The Bridge School is a fully accredited online private / public middle school and high school offering flexible enrollment and personalized education. A partnership with us can serve to be a powerful solution to increasing course access and expanding on the endorsements many schools can offer their students.

Programs Designed to Complement Your Curriculum

We serve as an academic partner to public and charter schools, provide access to courses they are not staffed for, and combine technology with experienced online facilitators to help students graduate.

Our Teachers and Administrative Team

Our passionate online facilitators will work with school counselors to help every student not only graduate, but become independent life-long learners in charge of their educational future.     

In addition to communicating with counselors, we will:

  • Review academic history
  • Plan and schedule courses
  • Assist with a graduation plan
  • Send transcripts to home school

Our Courses

We offer over 200 core curriculum, elective, and AP courses that middle and high school students can enroll in at any time.

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Program Options

  • Credit-By-Exam
  • Credit Recovery
  • Initial Credit Courses
  • Summer School
  • College Board approved

To learn more about our School Programs, please call an Academic Advisor at 713.974.2066.