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Student Spotlight

The Bridge School’s student body is made up of a diverse variety of students who are all taking advantage of our flexible online approach to education. And they’re not all located right here in Houston either! This month we’d like to spotlight several of our student’s along with one our parents and their experiences at The Bridge School.

‘Caught’ Online After Hours

This past month The Bridge School was pleasantly surprised to find three of our students online after hours. So we decided to honor their hard work and give them a shout out. Robyn Pendley, Max Bucher and Alexandra Cherry were ‘caught’ online well after traditional school hours working hard towards their goal of graduating and were kind enough to share some things they love about The Bridge School.

Max Bucher

Max Bucher is a Senior at The Bridge School and also maintains a busy work schedule when he’s not hard at work on his studies. Max came to TBS from a similar program where he was finding it difficult to get the teacher’s assistance when he needed it and didn’t have as much flexibility with his class scheduling. It was also helpful to Max for him to take a much larger course load in a shorter amount of time it would take going the traditional route.

“At public school it’s easy for your routine to become monotonous because everyone is going at the same pace. I don’t find that at The Bridge School and I love being able to set a much faster pace”. – Max Bucher

Alexandra Cherry

Alexandra Cherry was another student caught hard at work on her studies and shared her classmate Max’s enthusiasm for her experience. She told us that being at The Bridge School has been invaluable to her for the flexibility it offers her to pursue other opportunities that a traditional schedule wouldn’t allow. She also highlighted the enormous value she’s received in learning how to manage her time and own schedule more efficiently. Alexandra is planning a move abroad to London after graduation to further her studies as an undergraduate.

“I think TBS is great for high school students because it gives you the skills to excel when you go into college. Learning to manage your time and schedule early on makes it such an easier transition.” – Alexandra Cherry

All three students were awarded a gift card for their exemplary efforts and we wish them all the best as they set off into the world to make their mark!

Offline Talent

Viki Krösbacher

A native of Austria Viki Krösbacher came to The Bridge School as a solution to her educational requirements amidst a busy schedule pursuing dance and acting in Los Angeles. Without The Bridge School Viki would have had to return to Austria to complete an additional few years of schooling. Instead, Viki was able to customize her classes online around her schedule without having to leave the country, or her passions.

“I really love the flexible schedule that makes it easy for me to keep pursuing my dance and acting. I also really liked that I could get the coursework done much faster and still learn the same.” – Viki Krösbacher

A Parent’s Perspective

Dianne Grace

Dianne Grace is one of our parents who came to us in search of a solution to her son’s ADHD learning needs. In her search for a solution prior to The Bridge School she and her son encountered many obstacles that included teachers that were verbally unsupportive of her son’s efforts.

Her search for a better solution and much more attentive teaching staff led her to The Bridge School where her son’s success has skyrocketed. The success of the interaction between The Bridge School staff and her son is allowing him to consistently maintain high B’s and A’s, even in pre-cal and physics. Ms. Grace told us that with the help of The Bridge School staff her son is scheduled to graduate on time this June with a surplus of credits needed to meet the requirements.

“Everybody at the school has been a great help. The office staff is Great!” – Diane Grace

Another benefit Ms. Grace added was the flexibility to turn enrollment on and off. She told us, “We also really loved being able to turn our enrollment on and off to accommodate our travel schedule. There was no hassle and we weren’t stuck to the school’s schedule when it came to holidays”. – Diane Grace