The Bridge School Online High School

School Policies

The Bridge School Honor Code

The Bridge School expects all students who enroll to take online courses demonstrate a high sense of personal integrity. Although students may receive help from others in preparing for exams, all exams must be done without cheating or plagiarizing. Students may discuss any of the lesson material with others, but the actual responses on work submitted to the school must be the student’s own.

If the code of conduct for honor, whether academic or other, is compromised, the student’s enrollment will be cancelled. In the event of academic misconduct a failing grade will be given. The student will be notified in writing of their cancellation and the student tuition will be refunded in accordance with the school’s Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Transfer Students

Students selecting one or more courses from the Bridge School to augment their school based curriculum or for credit recovery MUST have written approval from a school counselor. In addition, the student must provide to The Bridge School a list of required subjects from the current school they are attending. If, at any time of enrollment, The Bridge School has not received a list of approved courses and grade levels from a school counselor, a Curriculum Summary report will be issued to the student listing the initial subject(s) set up for the student pending written notification of the required subjects needed. It is important that The Bridge School receive this approved list of subjects as soon as possible so the student’s required curriculum needed to transfer back to the student’s other high school can be finalized.

It is the student’s and/or parent’s responsibility to be sure the student is enrolled in the correct course(s) and that prerequisites have been met. The Bridge School cannot accept responsibility for enrollment in incorrect courses, changes in requirements by other schools, or enrollment in coursework not approved by the student’s current high school.

Previous High School Credits

Public/Private High School Credits: 9th-12th
The Bridge School will consider awarding credit for courses taken from private or public schools at the 9th through 12th grade level. In order to do this it is imperative that The Bridge School have a copy of the official transcript. After evaluation of the student’s previous high school credits, the student will be notified, in writing, of the number of subjects to meet graduation requirements and adjustments to the student’s tuition, if necessary.

Home School Credits: 9th-12th
The Bridge School provides an opportunity for students who have completed high school course work through home education to earn an accredited high school diploma through The Bridge School. A minimum of 22 credits must be completed in order to receive a diploma through The Bridge School. Up to 16 previously completed credits approved by The Bridge School can be applied toward the required 22 credits. At least 6 credits must be completed with The Bridge School in order to receive a Bridge School Diploma.

After evaluation of the student’s homeschool credits, the student will be notified, in writing, of the number of subjects required to meet graduation requirements and adjustments to the student’s tuition, if applicable.

In order for a student to receive credit for courses completed through home education, the student’s parent or legal guardian must provide the following information at the time of enrollment:

  • A completed and signed Home School Grade Transcript of the student’s performance and credits earned in grades 9-12
  • A completed and signed Home School Curriculum Validation listing the educational materials used for each subject completed in grades 9-12
  • A completed and signed “Home School Evaluation” (report card) of the student’s academic progress in grades 9-12

Grading Scale

90 – 100 A
80 – 89 B
74 – 79 C
70 – 73 D
69 and below F

Student Records

The Bridge School maintains all student records at its administrative offices located at:

3333 Bering Drive
Houston, Texas 77057

These records are confidential in nature and no disclosure is provided to outside inquiries or sources without the student’s or parents written consent.

Transcripts on every student are kept on file and are available upon the student’s written request.

To assure confidentiality of a student’s educational records in accordance with state statutes and the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, The Bridge School will not release information concerning a student’s records, grades, or status over the telephone.

The Bridge School is an equal employer and operates all educational programs without discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, gender, or disability. The Bridge School complies with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.