How to Create a Productive Study Space For Online School Students

Your environment plays a critical role in how you absorb and recall information.

Do you think you’d learn better in a tiny desk in the back of a cold classroom with 30 other distractions, or alone in a quiet area with your laptop?

The Bridge School let’s middle school and high school students work where they work best. And because we want our online school students to succeed this fall semester, we’re helping them create a productive learning environment.

Get Equipped

It may sound obvious for an online school, but ensuring you have a working computer and reliable internet connection is crucial. You should also have all the educational materials you need, like pen and paper or one of our study apps, within reach.

Nothing ruins productivity more than stopping to look for the necessary supplies.

Free Yourself

From distractions that is! Make sure you’re optimizing your study space by making it free of interference. Noisy TV’s and loud radios may ‘help you focus’, but you’ll be amazed at how much you get done without them. You can even download the Freedom App to block social media sites if those are tempting you.

Find Comfort

Long study sessions can be fatiguing, but you can do something about it now that you’re in online school and not stuck in a traditional classroom.

Invest in a comfy computer chair or opt for the sofa if that’s your study style, make sure there’s adequate natural light to help counter eye strain and feel free to kick off your shoes. Don’t go falling asleep on us though.

Enroll In Classes

Once you’ve created the study space that works for you, give us a call! And see why parents and students are choosing online school over traditional schools.

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