Taking a High School Science Course Online

A question that our Academic Advisors are frequently asked is:

“I understand how online courses work for regular classes like English and Social Studies, but how does an online course work for Math or Science?”

This week on our blog, we are going to outline the answer to the question about “taking science online.”

As is the case with all of our courses, all you need is a computer and Internet access to login to your student profile and access your science lessons.

Lessons are then made available by the teacher and can be in a variety of forms including reading assignments, videos, interactive games and quizzes that will help them learn the course material.

Below is a screen shot of a Science lesson called “The Behavior of Waves” that explains The Doppler Effect.  The animation includes both text and audio.

A student can replay the video segment as many times as they would like, and can advance to upcoming segments.  Since all courses are self-paced, a student can go slower or faster depending on their aptitude for the subject matter.

Here is another example of an interactive lesson that allows a student to click on various stages of a science pyramid and read the definition.

Video lessons can also be helpful as students are able to pause, rewind and replay as necessary to master the material.

There are even some science labs that can be achieved online through interactive tools.  In other instances, students are given a list of materials and instructions on how to complete the lab at home.

Most importantly, all of our courses are 100% supported by a certified teacher.  Students are encouraged to communicate with their teacher via phone, email, Skype or text – whatever is most efficient for the student.

The Bridge School is here to help, and wants your student to be successful!