The Bridge School Named an Approved Armed Forces Online High School

A long-standing military policy regarding the acceptance of new recruits with a high school diploma from an online high school is finally changing. As the number of students graduating with high school diplomas from online high schools continues to rise, all branches of the Armed Forces are finally modernizing their policies.

After working diligently, Letatia Long, Director of Programs with The Bridge School was finally able to break through.

“It took a lot of time and patience to show the military that we are a fully accredited school held to the same state and national standards as regular brick-and-mortar high schools. We are pleased to have reached this approval status because we can help a lot of high school students who have a small number of individual courses to complete in order to complete their credit requirements and start a career in the military,” says Long.

“We also have existing full-time students with an interest in joining the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the National Guard and they will now be accepted.”

For more information about online summer school courses, part-time courses and the full-time program please call one of our Academic Advisors at 713-234-6117.