The Bridge School: Quality, Accredited Online High School

As middle and high school student’s needs become more specialized, and as states institute legislation for virtual schools, numerous online schools have emerged.

With all of the competition and subsequent confusion about what each online school offers, we wanted to put together a simple summary of what makes The Bridge School unique.

Before You Read Further

If you’re new to online middle and high school education, and need to get a better understanding for how these types of schools work, you may want to read or view the following items first:

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The Bridge School vs. Other Virtual Schools
International and State of Texas Accreditation

Many online schools are not accredited.  The Bridge School is both internationally accredited and state-accredited in Texas.

Credits from The Bridge School will transfer to other high schools and universities.  Our Academic Advisors always check prior to a student beginning a course to verify.

SACS CASI Accredited
Approved by the Texas Education Agency through TEPSAC: School # 101-232-001

Private school with Flexibility

We are a private school, so we don’t require students login during certain times each day or week.  Students have complete flexibility and control over when they review their lessons and take quizzes and tests.  The curriculum and lessons are available online when STUDENTS are ready and able to focus.

Students can start a course any day of the year and take up to 6 months to complete.  And if the student needs more time, they can pay for a course extension.

100% Teacher Supported Learning

We hire certified teachers for all of our courses.  When students need support or have questions, they can email, phone, instant message, text or Skype to get the help they need.

Dual Credit and Advanced Placement (AP) Course Offering

In addition to core courses, electives and foreign languages, The Bridge School also offers numerous dual credit and AP courses.

No Texas End of Course Exams

Full-time students who wish to earn their diploma from The Bridge School are not required to take Texas End of Course Exams and are not required to participate in any of the other state mandated testing, such as TAKS or STARR.  However, if the student wants to transfer credits from The Bridge School back to a public school, we can administer the End of Course Exams required by the receiving school.

Credit by Exam and Credit Recovery Courses

The Bridge School offers Credit by Exam that allows students to skip material that they have already mastered and just take an exam to earn course credit.  The Bridge School also offers Credit Recovery Courses for students who need to repeat a course to record a credit they have not yet been able to earn.