Triumph Over Circumstances Theme of The Bridge School Graduation

Sure, all teenagers struggle with difficult circumstances.  Everyone has challenges, obstacles and personal situations that make life difficult, and graduating from high school even harder.

The Bridge School recently held our 2013 Graduation event where the theme of the day was “Triumphing Over Circumstances”.

Our Director of School Services, Sharon Scott, led the graduation ceremonies.  Ms. Scott introduced our keynote speaker Dr. Brenda Arteaga who spoke about persistence, resilience and never giving up.  All areas many students of our online high school know all too well.

The Bridge School is a private online high school educating students through our accredited curriculum program.  We serve both full-time and part-time students whose needs range from credit recovery to students experiencing difficulties with certain teachers to students who have a hobby or interest that requires them to travel a lot, as well as high-achieving students who wish to take AP and Dual Credit courses that they cannot fit in during their regular course schedule.  All courses are delivered online, are 100% teacher supported and the hours are flexible to suit each student’s scheduling needs.  We also offer a special summer school session.

What some parents and students said during the graduation:

“This school was a lifesaver for my son.  I don’t know that he would have crossed the graduation stage without The Bridge School,” said one parent, whose son has always struggled fitting in at school in his hometown of Orange, Texas.  Her son was recently admitted to the University of Houston and plans to become an attorney.

“After 2 years at The Bridge School, I finally found myself.  My Mom is really thankful for The Bridge School.  Thank you so much for this opportunity to work online.  I really appreciate everything my teachers did to help me,” says another graduate who is going on to post-graduate schooling at an aromatherapy school in Arizona.

“After I completed my recovery program, I knew I couldn’t go back to my home school.  It was also hard for me to not be able to finish high school as part of my recovery facility.  I had built so many relationships and friendships there.  But it was time for me to move on and The Bridge School was the perfect fit to help me finish high school,” says another student who is in recovery.