Understanding Credit Recovery: What’s The Best Option?

Grades were posted. Tears were shed by some. As a high school student on the brink of graduating, nothing is scarier than failing a class or two. Credit recovery can get you back on track, but you have to act fast. At The Bridge School, we’ll uncover the reason behind your failing grade and provide an individualized educational experience to help you reach your academic goals.

What Is Credit Recovery?

Credit recovery provides high school students with the opportunity to retake classes required for graduation. It gives them a second chance to learn the material and earn the credits they need without having to repeat the course in its entirety.  

For students concerned with their GPA, in most school districts, credit recovery does not eliminate the failing grade from your record but will put you a step closer to tossing your graduation cap.

The Traditional Approach

Your brick and mortar high school may suggest repeating the class in summer school with a different teacher. If you don’t have summer plans, aren’t fighting the graduation countdown, and think you’ll have a different outcome, then take the chance. If you don’t want to risk it, you have another option…The Bridge School!

Credit Recovery At The Bridge School

Enroll at The Bridge School and we’ll pair you with a highly experienced online facilitator. This teacher will be your point of contact throughout your time with us. They’ll listen to the reasons why you failed and create a plan that works around your schedule to help you recover credits.

At The Bridge School, you can enroll anytime, and work at your own pace.

After you successfully complete your course, our accredited online school will send a transcript reflecting your credit(s) earned back to your home school, and you can walk across the stage with your friends in May.

Enroll today and let us help you get back on track.