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Unrivaled Flexibility for Online Learning

When you really think of the advantages of online learning it boils down to one simple thing. That one thing is flexibility. There are many online schools that cater to different kinds of students and for different reasons, but while they all have some degree of flexibility The Bridge School is a cut above other online alternatives.

Flexible Enrollment

One of the things we get consistent feedback on from both parents and students alike is our enrollment policy. Our enrollment policy provides a large degree of flexibility to our students because we have much longer enrollment periods for our Summer School program than almost all other online schools, but that’s not the best part.

Our enrollment policy allows our students to start any class at any time during both the Summer School enrollment period and Fall and Spring semesters. This capability is something we truly believe gives our students the edge and flexibility to excel and get the most out of the curriculum.


Any time one of our parents or students contact us about enrolling into one of our courses there’s always questions about the credibility of the courses being offered. Because The Bridge School is SACS & CASI Accredited and approved by the Texas Education Agency through TEPSAC (School # 101-232-001) our students and parents can have peace of mind knowing that the course their investing in is truly getting them one step closer to graduation.

Throughout the years we’ve partnered with most of the major school districts in the Houston area and others throughout Texas to offer courses that aren’t readily available or help students recover credit in time for graduation. Have the peace of mind knowing that in all the years we’ve been in business we’ve never had ANY earned credit for our courses discarded towards a student’s required coursework for graduation.

Teacher Interaction

One of the most frequently commented advantages by our students is TBS’s approach to the curriculum itself. The Bridge School’s approach to online learning truly puts the student in charge in contrast to other online alternatives that depend much more on the instructor. Students can access assignments as soon as they’re ready without the barrier of an instructor waiting to post them.

This flexibility is crucial for accommodating a myriad of variables in our student body. For the students who have busy work schedules to the students who need extra time this approach allows them to work at their own pace and maximize their potential around a schedule that works for them.

Above all we believe in the success of our students and that’s why we also offer on-site tutoring with qualified instructors for students who are struggling with certain subjects in a strictly online format.

Contact Us Today!

We’re currently offering flexible enrollment for our Summer School program right now until July 20th, 2015. To find out more about how The Bridge School can offer you all these great benefits plus more please contact one of our knowledgeable Academic Advisors at 713-234-6117.